Sand, Sun, and the Tiki Bikini Hut

Junkanoo Beach is not one of those picturesque beaches with cushy cabanas to rent or perfectly aligned sun loungers and umbrellas you find at most resorts. In fact, it almost has an industrial feeling to it with its concrete wharf and proximity to a warehouse turned Fat Tuesdays.  What it lacks in beauty, it makes up in dilapidated charm.  Brightly colored mismatched huts dot the beach and are surrounded by chairs, hammocks, loungers, and umbrellas.  Each morning the beach in front of the most conscientious food huts is swept and made presentable for the throngs of tourists that arrive via cruise ship.  A passenger looking to spend an inexpensive day only needs to walk a mere mile to rent a couple of loungers and gaze at or snorkel in those clear aqua waters Nassau is known for.


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So after a morning of scouting the filming locations of Casino Royal, strolling through the posh Bay Street shops, and haggling over t-shirt prices at the Straw Market, we headed to Junkanoo to find the famed four beers and four shot for ten dollars at the The Tiki Bikini Hut.

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Within seconds of arriving Byron, the owner, had us seated in patio chairs in the shade.  If we wanted, he would have moved the chairs and umbrella closer to the water for us.  Within minutes we were served our four Kalik beers and four blue colored shots that we shared among the four of us.  As we chatted and relaxed in the warm Bahamian sun, Byron and his crew constantly made sure that we were having a great time.  Before wrapping up our afternoon on Junkanoo beach we had just enough time to taste the jerk chicken, red beans and rice, and plantains.  All of which were flavorful, especially the plantains.


We bid a fond farewell to Byron with promises of leaving him a Trip Advisor review before taking a  short cab ride back to embark upon our ship.  Having been to Nassau five or six times now, it was such a nice change to forego the planned excursion and see the island on our own.  Next time we are in Nassau I think we will be making a beeline for Junkanoo Beach.