Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple–Day 1

Our annual girl’s beach trip took a little turn in 2015; we traded in the white sands of the Gulf coast for the beaches of New England.  I had never been to NYC, so Cori did her best to give me a taste of the city she is most familiar with in just two and a half days.

Camera 360

We took the first flight out from Orlando which put us at JFK around 8:30.  A town car dropped us off at the Hilton in Times Square.  After dropping off the luggage, we hit the streets.  Our first stop was Rockefeller Center followed by the NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall before heading towards Central Park.  In the park we saw the highlights: Strawberry Fields, the zoo, the Boathouse, and everything in between.

The next New York must do was a subway ride from Central Park to Soho where we had tea at the Crosby Street Hotel.  

After all the walking (the fitbit said we did over 12 miles that day) we had worked up quite an appetite.  From the tea sandwiches to the macaroons we did not leave a morsel untouched.  Topping it off with glasses of champagne and cups of tea left us full and ready to continue our adventures.  

That night, with bellies so full and feet so tired, we crashed hard.  The next morning would be an early subway ride to Battery Park for our tour of the Statue of Liberty.


4 thoughts on “Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple–Day 1

  1. Isn’t it bonkers how much you can walk in one day in that city! Kristen and I did a bakery tour the last time I was there and it was INSANE how much we walked!

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