Get Ready…

Okay, so it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down to write a blog entry.  It’s not that I have been sitting dormant the past four months; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Since my trip to the Everglades, I’ve

  • run four half marathons and a 10k
  • finished the school year
  • got a new puppy
  • traveled to New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
  • had a flood in my house
  • moved twice since said flood
  • traveled to Chicago twice
  • attended a conference
  • took an online class

So needless to say, blogging has been at the bottom of my to do list. However, now I find myself with some uninterrupted time.  So be ready for an onslaught of posts over the next few weeks, as I try to hit the highlights of my travel adventures.



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