Skagway’s Gold Rush Cemetery and Lower Reid Falls

On our eighth wedding anniversary, we docked in Skagway ready for a day of vehicular exploration.  Off the ship at 8 A.M., my dad and I headed for downtown Skagway to pick up our van for the day.


A quaint National Park Visitor Center


This building is made entirely out of sticks.



We spent a few minutes exploring the historic gold rush town, before driving to the Gold Rush Cemetery.  The cemetery, located behind the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad Depot,  held the trains we would view a few times throughout the day.  In this historic cemetery con man Soapy Smith and heroic Frank Reid lay as a reminder of the bygone gold rush era.  With the mountain surrounding us and the Chilkoot Trail not far from us, it was easy to imagine a prospector with his one ton of food making his way to the Klondike with hopes of striking it rich.





Not but a few feet behind this storied graveyard plummets a 300 foot waterfall named after Skagway’s hero, Frank Reid.  So with a short hike up a rocky trail, we were met with the misty spray of a lovely waterfall.  It was turning out to be a great start to our day.





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