North to Alaska

The suitcases are unpacked and the washing machine is on its own marathon at the moment. Life is returning to normal after hours of flying, days of early rising, miles of walking, and thousands of calories consumed. In a word, our trip was amazing.

One year of reading, researching, and revising travel plans was played out over the last two weeks, and I have to say that all of that planning really did pay off. I spent countless hours reading books, blogs, message boards, and any other website a Google search provided about each and every place that we visited. We were able to see and experience so many different things that its hard to wrap my head around every detail right now.

As we headed North to Alaska, we began our journey in the Pacific Northwest including, Mt. Rainier, Seattle, Vancouver, and finally ending in Southeastern Alaska. The we in this adventure consisted of myself and my husband, my in-laws, and my parents. And over the course of the past two weeks I

  • learned what a Hoary Marmot is
  • dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean
  • watched Humpback Whales
  • experienced the beauty of a glacier
  • savored the best crab legs ever
  • was within three inches of a bear
  • was swallowed by fog
  • walked among the treetops
  • biked Stanley Park

This is by far, the highlight list, and I as I go through each of the 3500+ pictures we took, I am reliving each of those moments. Moments I plan to share with you in more detail.

IMG_3155 2

John Hopkins’ Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park



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